Barefoot | Maximize Nov 21, 2014

Telling your Story

Brands as your best friends: Good-bye slogans and catchphrases.

Today you can’t sell without a story—and it better be authentic.

Whether it’s websites, tweets, or texts,

brands will use straightforward dialogue infused with honesty and emotion.

We’re talking plain, straightforward honesty in communications—

like Zipcar who has zoomed past the rental car competition

with an approachable voice that speaks like your best bud.

(Landor 2015 – the end of mass and the rise of the individual)

There are thousand lists of “how to write a great story.” Don’t get hung up on them.

Here is the critical list of storytelling:

  1. Think about the people you’re talking to – don’t waste their time.
  2. Your characters are human – we love the anti-hero – create someone everyone wants to cheer for.
  3. Edit. Every sentence you write has to reveal a character or advance the plot.
  4. Don’t shy away from need – your story has to have something needed and a solution to that need.
  5. Let the readers solve the problem before you do. Give them just enough information to do this.

Most importantly, learn from the best story tellers.

Applying this to your brand takes creative ingenuity. But here are some great brand stories to learn from.

Tom’s Shoes… they found an amazing way to make people remember they are the shoe people who care. Every product you buy benefits someone in need. They are a for-profit corp. that cares – really cares. And people love that about them.

It all begins with you – then just tell the story. Tell it truthfully, passionately and with confidence.

P.S. I’m leading a session on storytelling at AFP Congress on Tuesday — drop in!

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From The Blog:
Telling your Story

With the naked simplicity of advertising,
we are committed to tell the truth
to people who need to know
in places they frequent
in ways that meet the client's goals.