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Who knew?

A recent study by Marketing Sherpa (US), discovers that consumers actually prefer email (72%) when receiving messages from brands they support. After that, they prefer to hear from you through old-fashioned mail (48%) TV ads (34%) and print media (31%) lag, but they are still higher than text messages (19%). Social media and in-person conversation/consultation (both at 17%).

A vast majority (91%) of U.S. adults want to hear from their favourite brands — but not everyday. Most want to hear once a month 86% but 61% are good with least weekly. Everyday? Drops down to 15%. (As reported in the weekly marketing brief from the Canadian Marketing Association)

I think this is really interesting.

One of the things it tells us is that people are segmenting their favourite communication tools between work, play and real life. Text messaging — as it was first designed — is considered a chat tool between friends. The research is telling us that our audiences don’t want us to interrupt that chat time unless it’s something really important (like Beiber selling his used running shoes). Email and traditional mail gives people control — easily ignored, it does not shout “read me now.”

Traditionally, advertising has been an interruption force. From the town crier to the door-to-door sales person to radio then TV — advertisers have wiggled their way into the personal space of the people they sell to. Today we have more sophisticated methods, but we still are interrupting our audience. Studies show that they are OK with that — because they really do want to know about the good deals (note to self — they need to be good deals). They just want to experience control of the consumption of advertising and marketing.

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Who knew?
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Full Time Intermediate Graphic Designer


Barefoot Creative is a communications and marketing boutique, focusing on brand development, non-profit marketing, business-to-business communications and interactive solutions.


Graphic Design: Design and create print materials
Web Design: User interface design for web and mobile


  • At least 4 year of previous graphic design experience in print and interactive media
  • Diploma/Degree in Graphic Design or equivalent
  • Excellent working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong layout skills
  • Strong experience in logo and ID systems
  • Illustration skills for occasional projects and support graphics
  • Ability to replicate simple layouts in Word and PowerPoint
  • Critical thinker able to troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Knowledge of iOS, Android and Windows environments
  • Keen understanding of Social Media
  • UI/UX skills would be considered an asset
  • Previous web experience using HTML, CSS, and Wordpress would also be considered an asset
  • Experience in developing emails in HTML


  • Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Well informed in graphics/UI/UX trends
  • Work effectively with minimal supervision in a team environment
  • Must be motivated and work well as a team player
  • Strong layout and graphic design skills
  • Driven, hardworking, detail oriented and flexible
  • Ability to keep accurate internal records/notes and track projects
  • Great taste

TECHNICAL SKILLS CS6 Design Suite (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) in a Mac environment, WordPress and Social Media. Some HTML, CSS, experience is a plus.


  • High degree of initiative, organization and time management skills with a strong attention to detail
  • Strong written and oral skills
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Positive attitude, flexible and motivated to be successful
  • Conceptual thinker
  • Team Player
  • Collaborative

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