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Journalism and the Smartphone

Ultimately, I am a writer.

One of the most ubiquitous statements in the age of digitalization is: “People don’t read any more, they just scan.”

As someone who reads 3 -4 books a week, magazine articles (in their entirety) and almost anything I can get my hands on, I’ve always wondered if I was just odd. But it seems I have a friend in Frank Rose, whose article (Immerse Yourself: Why the smartphone means a golden age for journalism) affirms some of my thinking.

The Atlantic, well known for thorough journalism (read: long articles), had a million people read a 6,200 word article on a digital device with an average time spent on the article being 25 minutes.

Like Frank, I don’t think people are stupid. I think they are smart, informed and looking for interesting writing that engages, invigorates and stimulates thinking. Idealist that I am, I think that’s what journalism is all about.

I agree, the digital world has made some attempts at volume rather than quality, but most of the ventures are short lived.  Rose cites Demand Media, a “content farm”, whose business model was content by volume, dictated by algorithms to direct topic, theme and issue. Every company wants that – cheap, fast and many.

But – oops – they missed the option of interesting, appealing to real people and well crafted. The company lived for 2 years – a mere blip.

Like Rose, I think the smartphone lets me engage in great writing ANYWHERE I go. At home I deflect to the tablet, but on-the-go the tablet is clumsy and just too big (she says remembering the first “portable” computer she owned was an Apple 2C that required an apple box to haul it around).

I have great faith in human nature and believe we seek out content that has guts, smarts and passion – not yet another list.

This is a great time for journalism and writers. A time when you can reach your audience easily, where they are, any time, night or day. The caveat – be great, not just good. Write with personality. Write well.

You can read Rose’s article in WIRED, August 2014

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Journalism and the Smartphone

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