The PlayBook…

DATE: May 2nd, 2011

It’s been several weeks since I have posted.That’s because I have been busily exploring the business applications for RIM’s PlayBook. Well and Need for Speed.

Ok, I also went out west to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.

So what do I think?

I’m trying to consider the tool on its own, away from the grey cloud of media. While fans in Waterloo continue to love it…. The world beyond, it seems, is ready to list it. (yeah, I have been known to watch HGTV)

I have been holding out for the much anticipated tablet for months, stoically arguing for RIM’s business savvy.

I have had the technology in my hands for seven days.

Here’s what I think:

I really wish the single quote was one the main keyboard…. But I’m a writer.

The screen is amazing.

The lack of buttons is cool and the screen swipes are working for me, although my 6 year old friend kept losing his game when he over swiped.

I had a short moment of panic when the screen went totally black. But the bb forum sorted that for me. I don’t think pressing the on and off volume buttons with the power key, holding them all down at once for 15 seconds, is particularly intuitive, but it worked.

I like the size. It’s the same size as my Koba e-reader. It loaded my library quickly and completely. And I like reading on it. It is great in the sun, which, I admit surprised me. I like it better than my e-reader, but it’s too costly to use only as an e-reader.

The bb bridge worked very well and I’ve pretty much set my Curve aside and only use it as a phone and to play Word Mole. I like the idea of the two working together but agree that RIM may have been short sighted or short timed on not putting e-mail on it.

The video quality is fabulous and I enjoyed the features of the Royal Wedding alongside my work day.

I’m a little disappointed by the battery life. Basically, it lasts about 5 hours. So I have to recharge during the work day.

I haven’t purchased the keyboard yet, but I might stop tonight after I vote.

Its touch screen can be slightly unresponsive, I need to get used to the slippery key board – remember I’m a bb user and used to the touch keys.

I am looking forward to messing with it as I watch the national election.

Ultimately, it reminds me of when I got my first Cuisine Art food processor for Christmas. Always in a hurry, I just started cooking. My first attempt ended up all over my counter. I had just spent hundreds of dollars on a kitchen device that sucked.

Refusing to accept the poor initial performance, I learned to use the processor… Today I wouldn’t be without it.

The PlayBook is the first step towards tomorrow’s world.

But I like it, I really like it!

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