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DATE: March 26th, 2013

Royal Homes have just launched their first digital magazine…. you can find it in the iStore and the Play Store… just search for Royal Homes magazine. And it is made by Barefoot.

Royal Homes is a leader in the construction industry — first, for their innovative technology of building in a factory. Second for their focus on using a technology that has, historically, been considered cookie cutter and making it custom. Even though the house is built in a factor, each home is unique, built to the owner’s specifications.

Finally, they are leading the community in technology. Their web site is robust with information — long before marketers called it “content marketing” Royal Homes has built their product on providing customers with information. The information is not dry and formal mission statements and policies — it’s engaging videos, photos and home plans — content the customer wants.

Publishing the magazine app is a perfect match for Barefoot — we believe in the publishing world, but we’re convinced that the future is digital. We don’t believe for a moment that traditional print will be eliminated. There continues to be a great delight in turning paper pages… but digital presents so many more opportunities. Embedded videos make the user experience so much more engaging. Drawing on additional content in different ways makes digital formats a “make your own adventure.”

So go to your favourite app store and download Royal Homes Magazine, produced by Barefoot.