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Try using Barefoot: What we do

DATE: February 25th, 2016

The great thing about any boutique is that you get high quality services with intimate, personalized charm. Here is what you get from us:


  • Programming


Our software engineers are agile, working in diverse programming languages. They proficiently integrate with third party solutions and organizational software. They start with your needs and build a solution that works.


  • Research, Strategy and Consultation


To build great online experiences, we start by understanding your company’s unique needs and goals. Our scalable discovery process allows us to build a comprehensive project strategy tailored to meet your corporate objectives. This gives us a solid foundation to develop effective solutions.


  • Writing and Content Development


Creating content can often be the most difficult and underestimated part of any site. Our team of writers are experts at understanding your brand’s “voice” and developing engaging SEO focused content. With our marketing expertise, we strategically write your copy to drive customers to conversion.


  • Online Marketing


Marketing your website is just as important as building an excellent user experience. We use direct response strategies in conjunction with online advertising, email campaigns and social media marketing to drive qualified users to your site. We have over 15 years of experience in marketing and can take your campaign from the web to print, television and radio to strengthen your campaign with a unified marketing strategy.


  • Website Management


Ongoing site management can often overextend an internal team. It is difficult to stay ahead of email campaigns, blog updates and general content management. With our site management service, we will fully manage your online presence or augment and assist your web team. Using our expertise in web development, we keep your content fresh and engaging, while keeping you on top of your site’s performance with regular data analysis and reporting.

Try going Barefoot: Simplicity of Brand

DATE: February 18th, 2016

Yes, we wear shoes to work.

Sneakers (running shoes), pumps, heels, Sorrels…. We’re not fussy. But people check. And then they ask: “Why Barefoot?”

So here’s the thing.

In our past we worked with complex agencies named in honour of the last name of the partners. We wanted something new and fresh. We also noticed that huge fees and less creativity came alongside the partner-named agencies. At least that was our experience.

So we wanted to be naked – our fees transparent, our creativity fresh.

As we considered the politically correctness of sheer nakedness (remember, this is almost 20 years ago), “barefoot” struck us as the most viable nakedness.

“Barefoot” also expresses the simplicity we strive for.

There is brilliance in simplicity. You cannot truly simplify your message unless you truly understand the message and the audience. Our job is to help organizations that become myopic in their own brand rebuild the strength of their own simplicity.

So while we long for moments of curling our bare toes in the sunny, sandy beaches not located in Canada in February – we are energized by the sheer joy of going barefoot.