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Try experiencing Barefoot: Experts in Brand, Retention and Interactive

DATE: March 16th, 2016





Do you look for a strong brand strategy? Is your biggest pain point donor retention and loyalty? Can your website do everything you need it to do and more?

Then keep reading!

We all have a few things we do really well. Here are our three areas of expertise:


Brands can be powerful or powerless. It’s up to you. Left in the hands of the consumer, brands can flutter and perish. They can be taken off course, forcing corporations to live to an identity that does not define their core product  or service.

Strong brands build loyalty, increase profile and visibility, build credibility and legitimacy. Strong brands stand out in the marketplace; they reduce risk. Strong brands increase profitability.


The days of being loyal to one organization for a life-time are rapidly receding into peer-to-peer support, crowd funding and the ever present hope of going viral.  The most important reason for a donor to continue their support is to feel they are essential to getting the work done.

Even in the agency world we need to up the ante on our customer care program – if we bring chocolates, but never take the time to know our clients, the smart ones will find an agency that does care.

Donor loyalty is no different than client or customer care. It’s all about knowing what your audience values and building your relationship models on that information.


In 1996 Google was just a tiny spark of an idea in the minds of a few university students looking for a project. Today, it’s a verb.

Digital technology continues to evolve, demonstrating the fluidity of the modern marketing environment. Social media, apps and online activity are critical components of marketing collateral.

As a communication agency, we have highly invested in the technology, bringing software developments specialists into our team to build the foundation of all our applications. Joining the techies are talented user-interface specialists.

Our goal is to help our clients work smarter, using integrated applications that allow multiple uses at a single entry point. Our team is innovative, imaginative and intelligent.