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STOP: and listen to your donors and customers

DATE: April 25th, 2016

Here’s some interesting — and a little daunting — research on the checkout process for online donors and shoppers.  We need to take this seriously. We have noticed that a number of our clients are experiencing a drop off on web use, with a couple of exceptions. In studying the differences, we noticed one glaring difference. The exceptions (our customers who are growing in online donations/purchases) are regularly watching the analytics, studying when their donors/customers leave the process.

Here’s why you need to know how donors/shoppers are feeling about your site:


Don’t let it slide — track, tweak, track, tweak.

Digital is an ever changing medium. We need to keep up. There is no reason for a clumsy online giving/shopping experience. Untangle your checkout process from old and tired systems. Make it as easy as iTunes.

Donor Apathy

DATE: April 4th, 2016



(Marketing Week)

Cultivating loyal, committed donors is tough. We live in  a noisy world of Facebook challenges, emails from friends doing a special fundraising project, a mailbox filled with charitable requests, TV and radio ads, and online information. Events, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, door-to-door, face-to-face……..

Fundraising is tough.

This paragraph struck me this week. It’s out of the UK — but we need to take it into consideration:

Charities that effectively bridge the gap between branding and fundraising will also have a far better chance of engaging supporters in the long term, but working out the value of different types of communication is an issue, so Snedden suggests the measurement framework has to evolve Marketing Week, 

Many organizations continue to silo communications and fundraising, giving brand and organizational collateral to the communication team. The “real” work goes to the fundraising (development team). That silo has to come down — or at least a walkway built between the two. Brand matters. Research shows that the charitable organizations that are engaging more and more donors are those that know who they are, run integrated campaigns and have a strong brand presence.

When brand integrity encompasses every communication and fundraising message, trust is built. Donors know they can count on you. The feel confident of your work because they know you personally.