STOP: and listen to your donors and customers

DATE: April 25th, 2016

Here’s some interesting — and a little daunting — research on the checkout process for online donors and shoppers.  We need to take this seriously. We have noticed that a number of our clients are experiencing a drop off on web use, with a couple of exceptions. In studying the differences, we noticed one glaring difference. The exceptions (our customers who are growing in online donations/purchases) are regularly watching the analytics, studying when their donors/customers leave the process.

Here’s why you need to know how donors/shoppers are feeling about your site:


Don’t let it slide — track, tweak, track, tweak.

Digital is an ever changing medium. We need to keep up. There is no reason for a clumsy online giving/shopping experience. Untangle your checkout process from old and tired systems. Make it as easy as iTunes.

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