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The State of Fundraising in Canada

DATE: May 27th, 2016

I came across this blog today —
Granted it’s a year old – but I think it reflect many of the comments I hear from people I meet… charities use some of the worst marketing tactics. But frankly, the writer should do his research a little better. (And while Mr. Philip may have enjoyed the “laughed his ass off” funny ad, funny doesn’t raise money – poignant, meaningful, honest, relevant and specific raises money)
I agree, some charities use short-termed strategies to acquire new donors, but overall thank you phone calls, meaningful letters and straight on asking for help continues to engage Canadians – as Stats Can results clearly show.
I’m not sure how this Canadian Business magazine blogger managed to miss the numbers, but Canadians are actually giving more every year. BUT – let’s be honest – the number of givers is decreasing. And that should concern charities in Canada. The other concern is, as the blogger alluded to, loyal donors are on the decline. Part of that is because of fundraising practises today: checkout line offers, peer-to-peer campaigns and crowdfunding models are all distancing the donor from the cause.
Fundraising is an art with a bit of science thrown in.
Fundraisers need to stop looking for the magic bullet and start working with diligent strategic plans. Core to sustainable growth – which means resources to fund a cause – is a group of donors who are committed to that cause.

According to KCI’s Philanthropic  Trends Canadian fundraisers are “cautiously optimistic” about the future.

But the world is changing.

Hospitals, educational institutes and social agencies are looking for increased donor support as their budgets get tighter. Where at one time they looked to private donations to fund buildings and special projects, today there is an ever growing need to fund day to day operations.

Every organization is unique. Each faces their own set of challenges.

We’d love to hear your story – your challenges and your wins.