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Learning, testing and applying knowledge is foundational to the development of our team. Barefoot Creative spearheads independent research to gain evidence-based knowledge specific to our clients.


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Our experience with entrepreneurs, businesses, social change-makers and charities gives us tremendous insight into today's trends. And trends matter.


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We can't say it better than Dr. Seuss: "Change and disruption happens when we respond to real need with imagination." Marketing and communication in today's crowded environment requires curious minds.


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Barefoot is always hard at work and is delighted to show you what we have done.

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Over a Century of Innovation 

We work in an old stone house.

The poetry of the ancient stones roots us. Built by the Zellers who moved to Breslau in 1831, it represents the hopes and dreams of building a stable home for their family. Their grandson, Walter P Zeller, built Zellers Canada (a retail giant for 90 years) from the ground up. 



Barefoot Creative old stone house building.

We are inspired by the simplicity of our country location, juxtaposed with our proximity to the booming innovation of Waterloo Region.

We believe that where creativity, knowledge and experience meet there is unlimited potential. 


Barefoot Creative old barn

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