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What the Heck?

Why choose Barefoot WEB?

A very smart colleague of mine asked a key question: “With 400 content management systems available, why did you develop a unique content management system?”

“What the heck,” I replied, “You’re right – we’re totally aware of non-profit and small business love of Word Press, but here’s the core reasons we think Barefoot WEB is a much needed solution for non-profits and small business.”

Barefoot WEB is not our idea: it comes directly from our clients. Here’s what they say: 

  • We need a CMS that’s easy to use, maintains a brand and doesn’t tie us into a narrowly defined template
  • We need a payment system that moves information from the web to our financial (or CRM) software
  • We need an agile, flexible site
  • We want some things built in so we don’t have to tie a bunch of third party programs together 
  • We want a brand-centric site
  • We want less fuss—the plug-ins from free”ish” CMS vendors drive us crazy

After untangling multiple sites from snarled (and no longer working) plug-ins, we moved forward, in conjunction with our clients, and built Barefoot WEB.

Let me get this out of the way: we are thinking SMALL: small non-profits, small business. 

Because they need a CMS that is: 

  • Easy to use

  • Flexes with their need

  • Includes a strong support system and help desk (that’s where Barefoot PROJECT comes in)

  • Dependable

  • Takes donations (sales) without hassle

  • Encourages donor engagement and growth

  • Stays on brand

But most of all, Barefoot WEB stays up-to-date. Every Barefoot WEB client receives the benefit of new software developments and new functionality as they are released. 

Barefoot WEB has two options: 

  1. Fully custom designed 

  2. Built from an existing template and modified for your unique brand

All Barefoot WEB options include built-in functionality for:

  • Flexible and agile donations (sales for small business)

  • Multi-lingual content

  • Video/audio

  • Blog/news/update archive (Library)

  • Full registration system

  • Full shopping cart system for holiday gifts, product sales and crowdfunding

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising capacity

  • User hierarchy

  • Intranet and member login

  • Drag and drop content changes

But there’s more. Core to the Barefoot Creative promise are:

  1. Design: whether you choose a pre-designed template or go for a completely custom-designed site, every web design is led by a user interface specialist and web designer. 

  2. Agility: intuitive and easy to use, you can make changes quickly and efficiently 

  3. Focused on business: for fundraisers and small business, the system works with social media campaigns and easily sets up tracking tools with a backend data tracking to help you understand your donors, customers or clients. SEO is built into the system – with little effort you can increase your online presence. 

  4. Working for you: we insist on this. Your online presence must engage your audience and lead them to action. Use surveys, polls, donations, advocacy, peer-to-peer events…. And much more. Our goal is to provide online opportunities for you to accomplish good things.  

  5. Marketing matters: Barefoot WEB makes it easy to set up integrated campaigns. As COVID changes your annual plan, Barefoot WEB opens the door to online engagement. 

Finally, but not the least, Barefoot WEB is fully supported. 

Every Barefoot WEB client is set up with Barefoot PROJECT. On this easy-to-use project management card, you can ask questions, use the help-desk and record all issues that arise. Our team responds within 48 hours to all requests – no matter how big or how small. 

I know we are playing in a playground with some really big players. Yes, they will always steal a few of our toys or step on the small homes we are building – but we can tell you that we are ready for it. We are strong, imaginative and focused on the little guy. 

For a demonstration or conversation about Barefoot WEB, just call or text us (519-575-6263) or fill out the form below! 

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