Myths Unravelled

Barefoot Creative has worked with Non-profits for more than twenty years. Time and time again I receive phone calls for “Help” from small organizations that “can’t afford Barefoot Creative.” 

But let me dispel that myth. 

They can’t afford not to engage professionals. They need strategic and methodical leadership of a professional fundraising agency to grow their revenue and, most importantly, meet their organizational goals. 

Instead, they are looking for sponsors for their next gala. 

They operate with budgets so minuscule they squeeze every nickel. The board is cautious, hesitating to commit to a budget that includes wasteful spending. Leaders struggle to build their vision with little or no capital. They build a website. But they don’t have the capital to keep it updated. They meticulously build excel spreadsheets of donors and donations, but they don’t have DRM (Donor Relationship Management) software. So their lists are disjointed and never used strategically. They send email updates to their donor list but hesitate to articulate the challenges they face. Too often they avoid telling their most loyal supporters about the support they need. 

There are thousands of struggling charities hanging on by a shoestring. 

And they are praying for a miracle donor who will give them a boost during this difficult post-pandemic period. They are looking to bolster their budget with grants from government and foundations. 

The shoestring is pulled taut. 

Every single charity starts with a vision and zero budget. 

World Vision International raised $2.9 billion USD in 2019. 

They started with a young man who didn’t know what do to about the hundreds of orphaned children in China. So he did what he could: he pledged a small amount every month to care for the child and promised to go back to his friends and family in the US to ask them to join him. His intuitive response to the need was founded in the most important principle of fundraising: small single gifts given on a monthly bases are essential to build a healthy support base. 

As he began to engage men, women and young people, World Vision transformed from a vision to a strong and healthy organization dedicated to children, their families and communities living in poverty. 

But he started with nothing. 

Growth comes from sharing the need – honestly, it’s that simple. 

As you share your program goals and the impact they make, people will come alongside. People are generous. They want to be a part of the solution. 

We so easily critique the big guys who are aggressive in asking donors to participate in their vision.  

That critique illustrates our lack of understanding of donors. 

So over the next few weeks I am going to work to unravel the myths we are starting to believe. Stay tuned! If you have a myth you’d like unravelled…. Post it here! 

If you'd like a myth debunked let us know. Or talk to us here...we'd love to know what you think!

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