Digital Tools #3

Make sure you understand your data

A database is an amazing mirror into the success of the organization. What's more, it can help evaluate future growth. 

Before we begin working with a new client we sit down with them to look at their giving history. We review their past results and donor performance to assess their future. By looking at the performance of each marketing/fundraising campaign, we can build a successful strategy of donor engagement. 

We recently assessed the giving statistics for a medium non-profit organization and discovered an important detail they were overlooking. This organization kept a close eye on the amount of donations that were coming in and were quite pleased to see steady growth year over year. But we noticed something different: while giving was trending up, so was the age of their largest donor base. The bell curve was sliding to the right, and there wasn’t much room left. So while the numbers looked great at the time, we could tell that they were going to be in a dangerous situation within the next 10 years.

Data matters.

Does your donor team take the time to understand why they are successful or unsuccessful?

When you have the data at your fingertips, you can more easily determine what the future of your organization looks like. 

That’s why we built Barefoot Analytics. 

Barefoot Analytics allows you to visualize your historical giving data, keep track of your current campaigns and understand the trends, helping you to plan for growth in the long-term. 

Your donation data is set up in visual, easy-to-read charts so you can view giving history and recognize giving patterns and trends quickly. A customized dashboard gives you a quick view of the most important charts, filtering your data to pull in only essential details.

Keep track of ongoing appeals in our campaign menu, where you can set goals and expenses or compare it to previous campaigns. Tag campaigns and attach design files so you can return to the campaign details when you need to evaluate its success.

Most importantly, Barefoot Analytics works with Barefoot Web so that you have up-to-date data and can track ongoing campaigns in the moment. And since it has our DRM built right in, you know you have accurate data from both your online and offline donations.

When you understand your data you can better plan for the future. Barefoot Analytics makes it easy. 

Barefoot Digital has a suite of digital tools that make you work smarter not harder.

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