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Mobile First… think differently

Only 40% of sites today are mobile…

And of that 40%, while mobile “friendly”, they are not designed for mobile first. Which, in general, means they can be read on a small screen but have not been designed for optimum small screen experience.

Courtney Ferguson, Senior Mobile Product Manager for TurboTax, says:

Due to the explosive growth within mobile, if your brand or company is not thinking of how to become ‘mobile first’ or leveraging the capabilities of the mobile platform, you will be disrupted. As the world is evolving to connected and ‘always-on’ experiences, it is best for companies to think about how they can change and evolve with it in order to delight and stay relevant to customers.

In thinking about a mobile experience, there are two essential goals we need to achieve:

Delight the customer/donor.

Consumer brands are already on that – after all their primary goal is to make a sale. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our goal as a non-profit was to delight the donor? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we wanted to give the donor an experience they couldn’t forget – rather than forcing our language, our mission and our experience?

This is game changer for charities. Time after time when I speak to intensely loyal donors or team members in non-profit environments they tell me that their commitment comes from a transformational experience they had – usually on the ground, in the thick of the work the charity is doing.

How do we make it possible for every donor to have even a glimpse of that experience?

Leverage the capabilities of the mobile platform.

I am so excited about leveraging mobile… but let me explain what it means to me. Leveraging mobile means that the platform does something – it is not lists and lists of articles, offers and blogs – but there is something for people to actually experience.

Every organization is different. Your experience should be unique. Think outside the box but keep the foundations of good donor stewardship at the forefront.

Imagine beyond paper. Imagine a small screen!

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