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eMail Marketing… seriously

Well — does it work or doesn’t it?

Love to hear your stories… but 8 experts all agree: Done right, email marketing DOES work.

Here’s what they say:

  1. make it personal
  2. make it worth their read
  3. invite people to ask for it
  4. …. evaluate

So here’s the bottom line. Your customers and donors are real people. They have dreams, needs and interests. They don’t want to be talked at, they want a conversation. They are keen to buy products they want and give to charity efforts they buy into. (A client of ours just sent an eblast and received over half a million dollars in return — yes, people read email).

But here’s the thing.

How personal are you? Are you talking to them in words they understand and explaining the impact or benefit of your message? Or are you just sending out a generic newsletter — scattering seeds and hoping they will fall on fertile ground.

Farmers today are much more sophisticated than that — they understand soil fertility, regional difference, crop affinity and seed/hectare. They employ data to get the highest yield per hectare with the highest return on investment.

Is email a powerful tool?

Of course it is.

But only in the context of a strategic customer/donor experience and journey that is based on the needs and dreams of the customer/donor.

So take some time to think about the experience your customers/donors have online, offline and in real time (face-to-face, phone, retail, event). Think about the ways your story resonates in all channels. Consider deleting the word “channel” from your vocabulary and replace it with campaign.

In the early days of digital personalization, a print company sent me a digitally personalized calendar — with my name tatooed on a lovely butt cheek of a swimsuit model…. oops, maybe not the right audience. But, you see, they didn’t personalize the calendar, because they didn’t know anything about me. They simply added my name to a digital print run.

Data tracking…. what do you know about your customer/donor? How will that make a difference in your next personalized communication?

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