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Brand — How do people see you?

Here’s a fun — and powerful — example of the power of brand. See how top brands and their logo are perceived by their audience.

While you’re scrolling through the sometimes hilarious perceptions of the brand’s logo, think about these three things:

  • your logo is only the icon for your brand — you’ll see that people pick up on multiple elements — your product, your store, your old logo — when they think of your current logo
  • SIMPLE is BEST… a five-year old should be able to draw your logo. You’ll see how a well recognized icon, like Starbuck’s, is ridiculously hard to draw. While the corporation has simplified, it still confuses their audience.
  • Transforming the icon of your brand (your logo), is tough. Even after a number of years, your customers continue to hold the old icon in their mind.

So enjoy…. it’s a fun article

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