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Prime Days - Are Charities Smiling?

Well, not Canadian charities… AmazonSmile is an interesting investment of Amazon into a customer building customer experience that says: “Hey, Amazon is a really cool company.” If you are a US charity and if you use a computer to purchase and if you are a Prime member. So the program eliminates nerly 50% of Amazon’s customers right off.

For the charity? Well, not so much.

Prime Day is expected to bring in somewhere between $4.2 and $5.5 billion. AND if you choose you can donate 0.05% to your favourite charity. That means Amazon is giving $2.1 million to charities. Slight caveat: Amazon does not actively promote AmazonSmile. Various sources have attempted to imagine the impact—but there are no numbers readily available.

Amazon reports it has donated $100 million since it started. That’s over 6 years, which averages out to about $16 million a year. Well, Jeff, you may want to chat with Bill – Microsoft donated $142 million to charity last year. Walmart’s numbers are more complicated, but the foundation reports the distribution of $1.4 billion in 2019.

But let’s step back.

Donations are donations. If you are an American charity, I encourage you to sign up for AmazonSmile. You might want to tell your loyal donors. Because, as it turns out, Amazon doesn’t really say too much. In fact, in anticipation of Prime Days, they said almost nothing. (After all, these are their most profitable days.)

Stay tuned…. Next blog I’ll take on AmazonSmile and Slackivism (coined by Brady Josephson).


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