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Prime Days (con'td) - Slacktivism

Basically, slacktivism is supporting social causes through online or social mediums that require little or no effort. Like signing a petition or “liking” a charity post online. Studies show if donors or potential donors like a post, they are less likely to donate.

You see, the quick online survey or mindless “like” affirms their commitment to social good. It gives them a shot of Oxytocin. Known as the “cuddle” hormone, it creates a moment of personal joy and general feeling of well-being.

AmazonSmile is one of the best examples of slackivism. Here’s how Amazon puts it: AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favourite charitable organization every time you shop. At no cost to you.” Slacktivism.

  1. It’s automatic. All you do is name a charity (and Amazon will help you by pointing you to their 5 favourites). And EVERY TIME you buy something, 0.05% goes to that charity.
  2. There is no cost to you. This is a big one. Amazon is the donor, not you. You are not actually supporting a charity.
  3. The actual donation is minuscule in comparison to the profit made. You will be donating $5.00 for every $10,000 you buy.

Here’s the thing. Almost all Canadians say they are generous to charitable organizations. But we know that the number of Canadians using charitable tax receipts are down. But slacktivism is high. We can donate in so many different ways: a quick $2.00 add on at the check-out, buy a coffee and the restaurant will donate it to their charity, a couple of bucks to the neighbour kids for their school fundraising project.

The most challenging thing for charities is to engage donors in the cause.

Any great examples out there of truly relevant engaging charities?

PS. One more blog inspired by AmazonSmile…. Micro-donations

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