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Fundraising in a culture of fear.

Andrea Bell of WGSN (trend forecaster) identified two unique trends in today’s consumers that come out of a culture of fear:

1.       They are looking for stability

2.       They are optimistically looking for joy

What an amazing time for charities to take a stand. You want to note that this does not apply to a unique age group. The trends reflect a culture dominated by fake news perpetuated through social media, a flood of “content”, quick news overstating danger. With the spread of coronavirus looking like Plague Inc. (a “real-time” strategy simulation game), even though the risk is low (0.000197% of the population is affected) my own friends and family are holing themselves up in their house until the anger passes. Add to that the threat of being scammed (Americans lost $201 million in romance fraud last year alone), hackers stealing our privacy and Google watching our every move: there’s a lot of risk in our lives.

The “Stabilizer” is looking for calm, simplicity and limits. They don’t want to make decisions or take risks. This is a great challenge for you:

a)       Simplify your offer. Make the impact clear and understandable at a scan.

b)      Reduce choice. This is the time to trim the options. Give them the best options you have (this has very interesting ramifications for the 40-page holiday catalogue).

c)       Increase the visuals. Make the concepts easily caught through pictures and images.

d)      Cut the fragmentation in your organization. Streamline donor experience. If they have to figure it out—they will go somewhere where it’s easy.

The “New Optimist”, from Boomers to Gen Z, is serious about embracing joy. They are looking for quick wins that are active and positive, equality and celebratory. A great place for a charity or social service organization to step in:

a)       Make it about the experience. Make sure it is easy to do and encourages laughter.

b)      Talk about the way to win with positive experience.

c)       Make sure your communication balances all types of people and demographics. They are looking for balance.

d)      Go local and bring “events” that will feed their desire for adventure. Some of these events may be digital. There may be opportunity to make sure there is a delivery of some kind (local and environmental wins).

I’m fascinated by the desire of generations to come together and make a difference. Making demographic silos is out-of-date. It’s time for the grandma, the mom and the grandson to dance together.

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