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Musings from my isolated workplace

Fear: It’s tough to resist. Clients pushing out deadlines and delaying projects means delays in income. How do we protect our team and their families? 

Hope: People are inherently creative and resilient. Silly songs and family videos show a lot of this resilience. 

Fear: There is no plan. Well, unlimited handwashing and isolating. 

Hope: Politician, business leaders, entrepreneurs are hustling… the situation is changing moment by moment. 

Fear: Big numbers predicting big losses. 

Hope: We are compassionate, caring and creative. 

Nonprofits…. This is our time.   

  • Slow down. Re-group, re-think, re-create. 
  • Be authentic. Your mission and vision are your foundation. You have an important contribution to make. Stay true to your unique purpose. Don’t waver from it. 
  • Be relevant. You know your donors. Talk them like the friends they are. 
  • Be transparent. Now is the time to speak the truth. You tell a unique story. Tell it honestly, opening, using short sentences and simple words. 

Keep communicating.

 Mail? Yes… make sure the content is relevant. 

Social: Yes… this is a fantastic time to carry on conversations through social media. 

Video: By all means… there are hundreds of CEO’s standing out right now, speaking on behalf of their teams. Maybe you could extend the creativity beyond a talking head.

Talk to us…. We’re keeping the conversation going as the situation changes from day to day. 

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

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