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Once upon a time, when paper and pencils were not redundant, I went to a full day conference on “How to use my nifty new Day Planner.” I had my brand-new planning system fastened into my leather carrying case. 

I apologize to anyone who was born after 2000… 

I confess. I really did like my Stephen Covey Day Planner. I brought a friend. My friend had never used this serious day planner. She tended towards lovely booklets sprinkled with art or literary sayings. 

None of that in my serious Day Planner from Mr. Covey who made a fortune on helping leaders build better habits. (Sorry… it is now called a planning system). 

We learned which coloured dots to use for birthdays, anniversaries and important engagements. We learned we should spend 10 minute every day planning our day. We learned to check our planners to figure out how to work around appointments and meetings. Remember, we didn’t have a smart watch to remind us. We learned to list our tasks according to priorities, using 1, 2, 3… no more choosing which one is the most fun. 

It was a pretty fun day. (I may have lapsed into occasionally sarcasm)

Then, at the end of the day, my friend dropped a bombshell.

“You know, Gayle,” she mused. “I can use all the right coloured dots, pencil in my goals and set priorities using 1, 2, 3… but unless I actually DO the things I set out to do, it doesn’t get done.” 

Isn’t that a bummer? 

Because filling out all those little squares and pasting in those coloured dots really does look productive. 

Barefoot Creative has tried many different project management systems. We are a small team. Managing cooperative projects should be easy. But keeping track of the miniscule details is irritating. Clients forget things. Resources get filed in places we can’t find.  Delays drop projects off the radar. Even simple projects have a remarkable number of steps to them.  Details matter. 

Each system we tried appealed to different people. 

One did everything on our smartphone – it was great for those of us who did a lot of work on the fly. But not everyone took the time to figure out all the little tricks of the system. So eventually most of our team just kept a post-it-note list beside their computer. Then asked the project manager what was on their list. 

Another was an epic usage of Excel – an amazing smartsheet that linked to everything. Each detail trapped in a tiny but robust little cell. Our designers didn’t even try to read that one. Our project manager spent copious hours updating all the projects – because no one else bothered. 

Back to the little post-it-note. 

Then one of our clients asked us to build a project management system for their organization.

Being slightly crazy, we did. 

After all, it’s an interesting and creative project. They had tried all kinds of systems: teams, Trello, Monday, Slack… you know – it’s a long list. Basically, they just couldn’t get their team to collaborate on any one of those systems. They needed something that could be used by their regional director who had dropped his smart phone in the toilet, 2 lakes and a swamp. His smart phone replacement budget paid for the new project management system. 

They loved Barefoot PROJECT…

Even the regional director could manage it. 

So I asked our project manager to move us to Barefoot PROJECT. Hesitant, because it didn’t have all the magic cells of the complex spreadsheet we were using, she delayed the launch. Then one day, we made the move.


Why haven’t we been using this all along? 
It is simple. 
It is easy.
It is graphic – even our graphic designers are using it.
It keeps everyone on the team engaged and up-to-date. 
Managers can observe the project without interfering. 

With the advent of COVID, it has become the hub of all our work. While we still meet together to analyze our work week and, I’m guessing, some of us still have a post-it-note or two lying around, our projects are well managed. 

Each card is a unique project. For retained clients, we have a client card where we can interact with our clients, ask questions and provide insights that don’t necessarily link to one specific project.  All the resources and collateral for the project are right there – on the card (it’s a digital tool—so it can magically expand to ridiculous proportions). The list of tasks is on the card (and pops into each collaborators view, so it actually makes your task list for you). All the drafts are on the card – so we can quickly skim through the list to see if the project is going off the rails. Financial details can be included in the project and linked to the financial software. For clients using the Barefoot suite of tools, it’s all interlinked! ANALYTICS, WEB and PROJECT. 

And it works on my desktop, my tablet and my phone (I keep it off of my Kindle). 

I do keep one sheet of paper on my desk – well, I use a tablet and a pen – just to jot things down, keep track of thoughts. It’s really a scramble of nonsense that keeps me on track in the moment. A doodle pad helps me focus. 

But Barefoot PROJECT has saved me from spread sheets – and from not knowing what’s going on. 

We’ve come a long way from that leather-bound book…. 

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