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Barefoot Creative appoints Dan Goossen
as CEO and President.

As Lead Software Engineer and Technology Strategist for more than 20 years, Dan has led Barefoot Creative’s development of software for non-profits and small businesses. Dan succeeds Gayle Goossen and assumes responsibility July 1, 2022. 

Barefoot continues its evolution to a “digital first” agency and the company is pleased to announce that Dan will build on the strong foundation of marketing and fundraising strategies. We will expand our services in web, donor/client management, campaign management and creative approaches to fundraising and business development. 

Barefoot, under the leadership of Dan, will focus on empowering clients to use data and technology to engage donors and clients and grow their organization/business. The company will walk alongside clients, helping them to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape, providing hands-on service as a trusted partner. 

Gayle will continue in her role as Senior Strategist, walking along clients in building brand, communication and marketing strategies. 

This is an exciting time in the growth of Barefoot. Either Dan or Gayle would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Gayle Goossen

Creative Director


Gayle leads the strategic investigation and building of the brand attributes. Her creative strength lies in vision, goal setting and development. Beginning as an academic, Gayle obtained her graduate degree in Canadian Literature and Post-Modern Critical Theory which she believes gives a strong foundation to marketing.

She left teaching at the university to join World Vision Canada where she explored the fundamentals of communication and developed key creative strategies for successful campaigns. Her extensive knowledge of brand, fundraising and marketing strategies along with her inspiring creativity make Barefoot Creative a refreshing and unique choice.


Pam Holenski

Controller & Office Manager

Lisa Goossen

Project & Production Coordinator

Sasha Premchandani

Senior Graphic Designer
519.571.5058  ext.206

Dan Goossen

The Digital Architect

Barefoot Creative

Mailing Address: 50 Kent Ave,
 ON  N2G 3R1 


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